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Relive Your Arcade Childhood Memories with Space Invaders HD for iPad

July 28, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I’m always blown away whenever a game I used to play as a kid in the local arcade is accurately recreated on a mobile device. The latest to do that is Taito’s Space Invaders for the iPad.

Now, don’t get this version of Space Invaders confused with Space Invaders Infinity, which is a more updated and modern version of Space Invaders. Space Invaders HD is more like the traditional Space Invaders that we’ve all grown up playing and was already released on the AppStore as an iPhone game a couple of months ago.

So what does the iPad version of the game offer that isn’t already available in its iPhone counterpart? Well, for one obvious thing, the game takes full advantage of the iPad’s screen. You can play a 1 player game, which takes up the entire iPad screen with the game taking the majority of its real estate, while the lower portion of the screen is dedicated to the joystick & ‘Shot’ button.  The controls can also be changed to ‘Controller’, which displays two arrows that controls your ship, or the often supported, but difficult to master, “Accelerometer”, which uses the iPad’s accelerometer to control the ship.

You can also play a 2 player game which feels like a classic tabletop arcade version where players can sit on opposite sides of the iPad to jump into the action when its their turn. If you rather sit next to your opponent, say, if it’s a lady friend, then you can enable “Pass-and-Play” which allows players to pass the iPad over to the next player when its there turn. Kind of a slick way to show off your rock hard biceps while you’re shooting wave after wave of alien hordes.

Space Invaders HD fully supports the service with leadboards & achievements.


Space Invaders (The Game)

April 26, 2010

Space Invaders features scores of alien star ships descending upon you and firing at your little space ship. You must fire back and take them out quickly because they get closer and closer with every passing second. The more of them you kill, the faster they approach! The goal is to kill all of the alien ships and get as many points as possible, a common theme in older video games and especially Atari games.

Backed by a thudding bass beat, dozens of invaders from another world descended on our planet in 1978. Within months, Space Invaders was one of the hottest fads on the globe, helping propel the video arcade into a multi-billion dollar industry.


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